The Flight of the Garuda

This text by the famous Tibetan enlightened wandering monk Zhabkar shows how you can practice learning to see that Nirvana is already here and not elsewhere, far away. Jesus says the same thing in saying that the kingdom of god is within us and around us. Other wisdom teachers say exactly the same thing, but often don’t say how to do it.

Zhabkar lives up to this promise.

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The crack

This is an essay with photos on emergence and art. Building on the scientific work of the American professor Terrence W. Deacon, I investigate how emergence is the motor of all evolution and social progress and personal growth.

The essay has been published as a photo book and is accessible through this site – see The crack

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Introduction Quechua Language

Quechua is a beautiful language, spoken by the indigenous people of the Andes, from southern Equador to northern Argentina. The heart lies in Peru, in the high altitude in Peru in the region of Cusco, the capital of the Inka Empire of old.

As I have found it very difficult to obtain proper material to learn this language I have tried my hand on writing a simple grammar. It consists of 8 lessons and some exercises. I will expand these in order to make it a consistent book, free on the internet to learn the basics of the language.

Remember that in coming to Peru and other places where this language is spoken, people are extremely pleased if you can talk with them in their own language, be it even on a simple level.

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