Picture of Zhabkar with his name tshog drug rang grol in Tibetan script

Flight of the Garuda

Zhabkar Tshogdrug Rangdrol (1781-1851)
Adaptation from the original Tibetan by Jan Willem van Ee

‘If you let the mind be as he pleases, he will be steadfast like a mountain.”


You will find here 5 songs. They are a cross-section of the 23 songs.

I have a suggestion for reading them. Recite them out loud for yourself, and if possible also for others. The energy of the sound will mix with the energy of your understanding and feeling, and thus a maximum of comprehesion can be attained.

The lines are numbered to get an easy reference. The numbering refers to the lines in the
original Tibetan text. English sometimes asks for more.

If you are particularly interested in another song, you can let me know, and if fitting I can publish this also.
For this you can use contact