The Vanenos philosophy
To live is to learn and to learn is to live

This motto is made for me. I have a wide range of interests in very different areas. Sometimes people wonder whether I was indeed a civil notary. Their image of this is so different.

However, it indicates that I can really go into depth. If I am really interested, I am able to go deep and far in the matter I am working on.

In addition, in my work in the notarial profession and as a civil-law notary I have of course gained a great deal of experience in dealing with people. These people often came for advice on important matters in their lives. I have always really enjoyed trying to give good advice that my clients could really use. Advice that matched their situation. The notarial profession is a human profession and I have become good at it after all these years.

This has resulted in me becoming a mediator and deepening my knowledge of its theory. Additional studies in both the scientific field and the field of human psychology have further deepened my knowledge and experience.

During the last years of my position as a civil-law notary I discovered more and more that life does not only consist of notarial deeds and business advice. The opportunity arose first to delve into mediation, then into enneagram and that was the beginning of a very interesting search for me in areas that some call spiritual or even esoteric and these thus sometimes are written off as unreal or nonexistent. After intensive study I have come to the conclusion that other areas of knowledge such as Enneagram, Feng Shui or Kabbalah and Shamanism are just as cognitive as law, but that the rules of proof are slightly different. The only difference is under what conditions one accepts that something is true or says something meaningful.

The knowledge I have gained and experienced in recent years leads me to the conclusion that for some people, including myself, there are roads other than the usual trodden paths that lead to happiness. The freedom that I have obtained in recent years, freedom from the patterns that I, but also everyone else, acquire in his life and that, as it were, guide him, now makes it possible for me to see these patterns without prejudice. An example is the question of what it is that appears to be the common ground in all wisdom teachings, beliefs and religions.

This means that now a “spiritual” dimension is a much more important value in assessing people and situations. The word spiritual is a widely used and often misused word. By “spiritual” I mean the field of attention to people and situations, where not being right, but happiness are the important elements for my attitude and my advice.

The starting point for situations or events of any kind is always: It is not about what happens, but how you deal with it, so not what it does to you, but what you do with it.

The latter is essential. Lessons can be learned from all events and situations. The difficult question is always: Which lesson?

I can help you find the answer to that question.