Garuda by Jocelyn Weimar

Flight of the Garuda – SONG 15

1. Again, excellent kindred spirited sons: Listen well![1]

You all, relax your own mind in order to let him be, and
Watch the way he then abides.
When you look, because this is abiding in the state of rigpa,
5. You should understand therefore, fortunate sons of the mind,
That abiding, but that really means emptiness, is the state of rigpa.
This is the introduction of abiding as a jewel of the mind.

About the elaboration of discursive thoughts and how thoughts move:
(Think thoughts and) see that compared with this previous state of rigpa, – luminosity and emptiness –
10. The mind is not wavering in the least.
Therefore, fortunate kindred spirited sons, you should know,
That the movement of thoughts, which is also emptiness, is the state of rigpa as well.
This is the introduction to moving thoughts as the dance of the mind.

An example: in what way waves arise from the ocean,
15. They do not in the least detach themselves from the ocean, and
In the same way the mind, whether moving or abiding,
Because there is not in the least any movement,
Him being luminosity and emptiness, it is the state of rigpa, and
Whatever the case, as well abiding, it is the state of ripa: Let it be! and
Whatever the case, also moving, it is the state of rigpa: Let it be!

20. The idea that the mind while abiding is right meditation,
And that, when thoughts are moving, it is not the desirable meditation,
While you are ignorant about your own hidden wrong concepts of abiding and movement,
Is definite proof that these three, abiding, movement and rigpa have not yet merged into an uncontrived oneness.
Because of this, fortunate and excellent sons of the mind,
25. Abiding as well as moving of thoughts is the state of rigpa, and
Even after having understood all the foregoing, you should practice
To gain the experience of the unity of this triplet, abiding, moving and rigpa.

I have now introduced you to the not-twoness of abiding and moving of thoughts.[2]

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