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Alternative energy

How can you learn to recognize your personal conflicts and do something about it? I provide training to groups or companies and give personal advice and training. Whoever learns this becomes a different person! The central article about this on this site is an original conflict model. You can find this by clicking here.

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Quechua is the language of the Inka Empire of old, destructed by the conquistadores in the sixteenth century. Quechua is still a living language from southern Columbia to northern Argentina, and the heart lies in Peru in the region of Cusco, the metropole of the Inka Empire. There are about thirty dialects of Quechua and the one that I have learned is partly Cuscenian and partly Ayacuchonean. This may seem an amalgam that is not workable, but in Peru I am perfectly understood. The reason of presenting Quechua in this way is that the very difficult throat-stops and dubbling of letters in Cuscenean Quechua are avoided. Because I am not a scholar and because I wanted to be practical, I have opted for this way of presentation.

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