Garuda by Jocelyn Weimar

Flight of the Garuda – SONG 17


1. Once again, my august kindred spirited sons!

When you have internalised the view of how things really are,
Then cut the ties of attachment to and aversion of your place in Samsara.
Abide, solitary on paths in the jungle or in steep clefts,
In what is true and permanent, and leave behind the have-to of the body.
5. Shut your mouth and let the mind ineffably
Be beyond the space of the objects of thought, and in that state,
Relax, without adding or distracting.
When there is no intention anymore in the mind, then such is the right view!
10. Stay in this state of non-meditation,
And may you attain fulfilment: the non-attainment of Dzogchen.[1]

Furthermore, when you set your mind in balance and equanimity,
You will not be bound in a web of thoughts and feelings, of
On the one hand: ‘So it is in the in the state of rigpa’, and
On the other hand: ‘I fall away in dullness and agitation’.
15. This is also the state without phenomena, without fixed ideas, the state of freedom and openness.
Rest in relaxation in this truth: a free vastness of unimpeded clarity.[2]

With intellectual endeavours the reality beyond the rational mind cannot be seen.
You cannot reach the place of non-action by doing activities.
20. When you want to attain this reality of non-action beyond the rational mind,
Place yourself in naked rigpa that is uncontrived and not artificial.[3] Of the views (then seen) the highest is: freedom of grasping and being grasped.[4] Of the contemplations the highest is: being without accepting and rejecting.
Of the conducts the highest is: being beyond the pains of having-to.
25. Of the results the highest is: spontaneous abiding without expectations.

This you will not see with close watching: leave to rest looking here and there for the view.
With meditation you will not find: lay aside looking here and there for the fixed ideas of judgmental thinking.
With doing you won’t attain: stop grasping at magical delusions.
With searching you won’t find: give up the expectation of results.
30. Don’t let the now present awareness, non-artificial and loose hanging,
Be contrived by judgments, and leave alone preferences.

The now present awareness, a non-thing of luminous clarity,[5] This is the summit of all views!
The rational mind, at first smeared with fixed ideas, and now free from these,
35. This is the summit of all contemplation!
The mind, loose hanging, uncontrived and without judgments and preferences,
This is the summit of all conduct!
This non-sought ever-existing effortlessness that spontaneously arises,
This is the summit of all fulfilment.

Look without judging at the core of the view: it is emptiness and luminous clarity.
40. Preserve without judgments the core of the contemplation: spontaneous liberation.
Command the core of the conduct: At Ease! for the group of six;[6] This is heart of fulfilment: expectations and doubts collapsed.

The superior royal view is in freedom of restrictions.
The authentic royal contemplation is in freedom of fixed ideas.
45. The sovereign royal conduct is in freedom of accepting and rejecting.
The real royal fulfilment is in freedom of expectations and apprehensions.

Because there is no thing to see: give up the fixed ideas of the view!
Because there is no thing to contemplate: leave alone all that arises!
Because there is no thing to act upon: understand suppression and furtherance, as well as rejection and adoption!
50. Because there is no thing to attain: forsake all hope for fulfilment!
Because there is what there is, do not engage in grasping on account of it!
Because “This is ít!” does not exist, therefore do not engage in glorifying or condemning!
By being without changing internal points of reference[6] do not engage in fostering preferences!

In the primordial pure luminous spontaneous rigpa, the ultimate knowledge:
55. There is nothing to view, because it is beyond the rational mind and the objects of thought[7].
There is nothing to contemplate, because from within the ground your essence is ever liberated.
There is nothing to do because it is self-liberation, spontaneous, beyond the extremes (of being and non-being).
There are no results to attain because it is beyond endeavours and clinging;
60. There is nothing to abandon or attain because the essence is true emptiness;
Because the nature (of the mind) is luminous clarity and emptiness, you have to realise this.
Because everything is unimpeded, there are no preferences.
Whatever manifests, in what way it arises, do not judge its ‘being-so.’

The awareness of the yogi is like the trace of a flying bird.
65. Such trace is invisible, just like the trace of a bygone thought.
A bygone thought is gone as well and there is nothing to see.
Therefore, don’t put thoughts on a string by following their trail and combining them, because
Like divination of a bird’s future trail is not possible,
It is the like with the forecast of thoughts: don’t walk out, you cannot meet them!
70. Like a bird’s trace now has neither shape nor form,
Likewise thoughts go their own way.
Do not correct ‘this’ and so corrupt it with antidotes.
Although it manifests as ‘such’, do not judge it being ‘such’.
This is the ultimate heart instruction on the path:
75. Whatever manifests as ‘such’, if you do not judge it being ‘such’,
All emotional afflictions disappear of themselves and they are great buddha-wisdom.

Because the ever liberated viewing is birthless and beyond thinking,
If your have practiced well, there is really no such thing as viewing[8].
Because the effortless present contemplation goes its own way, and is a relaxed wishing,
80. When you have practiced well, there is really no such thing as contemplation.
Because the illusory conduct is the non-duality of good and bad and yes and no,
When you have practiced well, there is really no such thing as conduct.
Because the nature of fulfilment is that expectation and doubt is not two,
85. When you have practiced well, there is really no such thing as fulfilment.

This is the mind that is free of the root of the three times,
That manifests without meditation and has direct perception. How splendid!
(What you will see is this:) the phenomena are from beginning to end of a pure nature,
Liberated from primordial times and free from contemplated endeavours that have collapsed.
A Miracle!
The common consciousness, uncreated, effortless, loose,
90. Is the august mind of a conqueror, free from the extremes of being and not being, that encompasses all universes.[9]

Besides, by efforts and investigation and meditation,
The inborn state of the mind, how he really is, does not become visible.
It is non-contemplation, non-analysis, the everyday phenomena,
Without meditating and non-meditating, distraction and non-distraction:
95. Non-meditation and loose hanging of the mind have liberated many!

Being liberated and not being liberated are in reality not two.
When you know how reality is, whether you exert yourself or not, the rational mind is at ease.
When you are bound by thinking that wishes not to think,
If discursive thought arises it will try to go all over the place.
But the nature of rigpa is without coming and going,
100. A free happening from relaxation, and when the mind may go its own way,
He will be unmoving like a mountain and he will stay firm as a rock.
Listen, and know his paradoxical ways of behaving! This you should know, my sons!
A last remark: Although there is not a particle to do any sort of contemplation upon,
By constant remembering this and keeping it in mind, know this to be very special.

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