Garuda by Jocelyn Weimar

De wiekslag van de garoeda Lied 9

1. Excellent fortunate sons of the mind!

The horse that does not feel the whip, will not win a race.
Milk that is not well churned, will not turn into butter.
That which is not explained thoroughly, cannot be decided upon.
5. Listen to these many poetic songs that I sing,
Happy of mind, and without getting bored.

If you are not aware that all manifestation is in the mind,
You will never understand the emptiness[1] itself, because
All these manifestations, at first, from where do they come into being?
10. And in between, where do they stay, and in the end, where do they go?
Fortunate sons, do reflect and investigate well![2]

When you have examined all manifestation, it is like mist in the sky,
That arises from the sky and again dissolves into it.
In this way the manifestations are the magical display of the mind,
15. Because they arise in the mind, and dissolve into it again.

An example: for someone who has floaters
The sky seems blurred, but
Although for him it seems to be really in the sky,
This is not true; it is an optical illusion.
20. It is the same with your judgments.
The total sum of all manifestations, visible and audible,
Although they seem true reality as result of the vasana’s and the karmic imprints
– That with their corrupt force assault your mind –
Has not ever had a burr of real existence,
Because it is the magical play of your own mind.
25. All these magical displays are the paradoxes of the emptiness.
They are not-existent clear delusions, Maya, reflections like the moon on water.
Stay in equanimity, because in truth manifestation and emptiness are inseparable.

Just like in the dreams in our sleep,
30. Motherland, home, even friends and so on are present,
Visible manifestations, and we experience happiness and suffering,
While no one of our loved ones is really there.
Although we did not move from our beds in the least,
It is a real experience like when we are awake.
35. Likewise, all manifestations in life are
As experiences in last night’s dreams.
After our own mind has given a name and formed a judgment, it all manifests accordingly.
But it is only subjective experience of the mind.
It is the same as with dreams, they lack inherent existence.
Thus, manifesting in whatever way, they are empty.[3]

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