Quechua Exercises
Introduction to the exercises

Before you start with these exercises you are advised to read the Quechua Simplified Course several times thoroughly through. This will give you a sense of the language and also where to look for some of the difficulties addressed in the exercises.

The exercises are set up as real life experiences. Although there is a grade in difficulty, it is but not too much.

Especially for the first exercises, you could consider to print it out to get a better picture of the exercise.

I would also advise you to consider to speak the exercises out loud with the proper emphasis.

Of each exercise there are three versions:

1st. The plain Quechua version to check yourself. With this goes a word list, but you have to find the conjugations of the verbs yourself. You can find these in the course.

2nd. The version with some words, conjugations or infixes or suffixes left out. You have to insert these, derived from the context.

3rd. The version of the text as it is composed with all stems, infixes and suffixes written separated as in the first lessons of the Course. This is to get a better sense of the construction of the language.

Then, for the first exercises I will also give a translation.

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