The Human Condition Part II

Cambodia Giant Roots overgrowing a temple The Human Condition Part II The basic claim of Griffith’s book, Freedom, The End of The Human Condition, is that in origin we humans are good, but due to a psychological misunderstanding (described in Part I) we sensed ourselves being bad, and through the psychological mechanism of projection the [...]

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It all changes; the past also?

Seqoias in Lady Bird Johnson Grove, CA It all changes; the past also? Lately I had a dream in which it was said that the phrase ‘times change’ is equal to ‘all changes’. This reminded me of the famous aphorism, attributed to Heraclitus: panta rhei, everything flows, that is bound to our Western understanding of [...]

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The Human Condition Part I

Cambodia Giant roots overgrowing a temple ruin The Human Condition Part I The human species is a strange lot. We are on the one side full of loving kindness, selflessness, we are cooperative, easily willing to help, and so on. On the other side we are brutal murderers of our fellow men, and ruthless exploiters [...]

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Simultaneous and gradual liberation

Rainbow in Tinqi, Peru Simultaneous and gradual liberation In western neo-advaita the standard has become to understand liberation as necessarily being like a bolt of lightning, the understanding dawning on you just by hearing the teaching. But alas, this happens extremely seldom. Most people go on hearing satsang after satsing how simple it all is, [...]

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Consciousness and locality; a wild guess

The huaca of Q’ollur R’iti, Huaman Lipa region Peru* Consciousness and locality; a wild guess Where abides the mind? Science swears it must be in the brain, because where could it be otherwise? Indeed we experience our consciousness in our awakened state in the brain, or at least in our body. But is this the [...]

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