Jan Willem and the shaman Don Lorenzo Jirillo discussing in Quechua Language Recently I watched the movie ‘Arrival’. Alien spaceships have reached the Earth, and communication has to be established. The soldiers in the movie think as military men do, in terms of friend or foe; they only speak one language, that of war. De [...]

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Ritual and Ceremony

Festival of Q'ollur R'iti, Ausangate region in Peru Ritual and Ceremony Is there a difference between the two? The following might seem only a semantic issue, but I find it rather important. For most people ritual and ceremony may seem synonyms. Their arguing is that ritual holds ceremony and vice versa. But to me this [...]

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Reality exploration Part II

Cape of Good Hope, SA, Looking Beyond Reality exploration Part II In this blog I will discuss some aspects of what reality exploration might yield. Someone, having attended the meeting I described in Part I, called me. Being a musician, he told me that only by being in the moment, without thinking and deliberations of [...]

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