Article: An Autopoietic Conflict Model (English)

In this article I wanted to show that conflicts are essentially about the person himself in conflict. Conflict resolution is about cognition, it is a process that never ends, but once mastered it is very important in accelerating the process of self-learning. I wanted to show how autopoiesis is useful in the field of conflict theory. In the book Collaborative approaches to resolving conflict, the first sentence is a quote: “The place we need really imaginative new ideas is in conflict theory. That’s true with respect to war and peace, but also it’s true domestically”.[43]

I think looking at the conflict in the way I have presented in this article is promising not only for resolving conflicts, but also to see the conflict and to use as a learning tool.
Doorn, March 2013, English translation is made in August 2015

Jan Willem van Ee

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