Article: An Autopoietic Conflict Model (English)
Validity of this finding in different paradigms of worldview

Although the list is called the 7 Deadly Sins, there is no religious connotation. In secular philosophies similar lists exist. What I’m trying to say is that in different ways of looking at reality, my thesis is meaningful. In a materialistic vision to learn to effectively deal with conflict has survival value at least, and increases your happiness. In a christian / humanist world view you can say that you have become a better person. And in a view that holds the concept of reincarnation it may be a step up on the ladder of lifes.

I recall that learning in autopoiesis is living and if you have learned, you show more adequate behaviour in dealing with the external environment. So this learning is essentially learning in order to become more human.

In autopoiesis the perturbation is considered to be the source of the change. But now we know that it is not the perturbation that causes change. In reality, it is the internal processing by the system that initiates the change, and hence the learning is possible. The external perturbation does not even make that much difference – it may even be illusory – it is the internal processing that counts, even if based on objective wrong informatie.[16] Sometimes it happens that people react to something that is supposed that another person has said, but never did. We tend to fill the gaps in our knowledge about the stories we invent about others based on our feelings about those persons. If we have a friendly feeling about him, what he says and does will be interpreted positively and vice versa, as long as we can maintain our world view.[17]

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